Drive conference is a free international conference with the goal to drive relevant conversations in the Creative and Tech ecosystem. The conference will create a platform to bring together individuals in the Creative and Tech space with the aim to educate, inspire, and drive transformational and impactful change.


The Drive Conference is powered by Ace Creative Academy, an academy that provides the relevant training, skills and knowledge required for its students to stand out in the Creative and Tech profession.


As an organization, it is one of our objectives to educate individuals at all levels in the Creative and Tech industry and provide them with tools and resources that will help them contribute meaningfully to society by providing solutions that make an impact. This is the vision of the Drive Conference – ‘To create a platform where industry leaders can meet with Creative and Tech professionals as well as enthusiasts for the purpose of educating and inspiring them.


This year, we have Speakers and Panelist from around the world and from various fields in both ecosystems, these speakers are top in their class and are leaders in their field.


The theme of this year’s conference is – 2020: Think| Create| Innovate
One of our major goal and objective for this year’s conference is to prepare you for next year.


Date: November 30th, 2019
Venue: Magnificent Cinemas, 180/184 Ikorodu Road Lagos
Time: 10:00am