Being the Cutting Edge

Being the Cutting Edge

The different ages in human technological advancement were pioneered by various technological developments. These technological developments were born out of various discoveries and ideas. These ages are The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, The Iron Age, The Space Age and the Information Age.  In the Iron Age there where discoveries such as: the Steam Engine Train and First generation Automobiles. In the Information Age we have discoveries such as the Computer, Mobile phones and the Internet. All these technological advancements and much were termed   CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES. They were referred to as Cutting Edge because in their time; they are the leading technologies and frontier in their various field of knowledge.


A cutting edge Innovation, Idea and Technology can never exist if there was never a Cutting Edge Personality or Group of people behind it. I believe that there can never be a Car if there was no Karls Benz or a Steam Engine if there was no Thomas Savery. Man would never fly if we never had the Wright Brothers or the micro computer would not be as popular as it is now if there is no Bill Gate. What makes any company, Idea, and Innovation Cutting Edge is the Cutting Edge personalities that pioneered such innovation. These people and personalities practically changed the world, improved lives and changed the way we live and do business.


We can there-by infer that what you need to transform your life or business is not what you  have or posses, but it is what you need to become. I believe that you do not need a new policy in or a new idea in your organization, what I believe you need is to know what you ought to become in other for your business and life to get to where it ought to be.


You can never take your business or life to where it ought to be if you are not seeing what you are meant to see.  You have to become that Cutting Edge you need.


Definition: Something or someone who is referred to as the cutting edge is someone who leads the way in a new direction or a new purpose.


I have observed the following characters, who were Cutting Edge in their time and I have developed some few tips. Here are few tips you need to be aware:


You Have to See:
Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple fall from a tree which leads to the discovery of gravity. To most folks, this would just be another apple falling from the tree, but to him he saw something else. You have to always see what others folks do not see to become what others folks cannot become.


In everything you do, you always have to develop the power of Vision and foresight. Vision is the ability to have a mental picture of the future. You need to ask yourself the following question:


  1. Where do I see my business or life in the next few years?
  2. What structure and measures do I need to put in place to get there?
  3. What foundational Values and Ideology do I need to take my business or life there?
  4. What do I need to know to make my business or life what it ought to be?
  5. Which books do I need to read to know what I ought to know?
  6. What do I need to change to take my business or life to what I see?

When you get the honest answers to all these questions and consciously develop your-self in all these areas, you will become what you need to be, to become that CUTTING EDGE.


Personal Development:

Development is a vital key to becoming that edge you don’t know. You need to know what others don’t know to do what they cannot do. Make sure that you learn something new daily in your respective field.  The world, being a global village, information advancement and dissemination has been made easy. “So learning something new daily in your respective field and business makes you becomes the Cutting Edge.”


Handwork and Perseverance:

I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to succeed in life as the quality perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature. John D. Rockefeller 


This is one characteristic that is not talked about more often. Due to the advent of technology that works on the principle of speed, everyone wants everything fast. But the truth about life is that you need to work hard and smart to become that person you need to become. Invest in yourself by buying relevant materials that would make you become what you need to become.


Every great Idea is born out of wealth of knowledge and information a person has in a field. You need to be a master in what you do and this is born out of personal investment and development. The key to this is knowledge. When you see what you need to see about the future and know what you need to know to get there, you would become that Cutting Edge to take your business to the next level. This would make you an indispensable business man, employee, husband, wife and student.

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