Breaking Free From The Tide!

Breaking Free From The Tide!

For creatives, the struggle is real

One moment, you are on your highest, spewing out contents

Challenging the status quo, reinventing the norm

The next you know, there’s some sort of unexplainable dryness

Ideas go into hiding and inspiration remains indoors

Some even have a name for it, the infamous “Creative block”


So we try to find a reason for the season

Are we just lacking inspiration

Or could it be that we are disconnected from the “source”

Maybe it’s even true that our creativity is tied to our emotions

At least psychology says so

And we find ourselves moving with the tide of emotions

When emotions are high, we are high

When emotions are low, we are low

And we become slaves to the tide


So how do we break free from the tide?

First, we relax, we observe

Some of us even change environment

Possibly change circles howbeit temporarily

Some even change habits

We do what we have to

Just so we can break free from the tide

And see the world from an unusual perspective


Or, We recognise that we cannot exactly control the tide

Because the one that needs the control is “Us”

So we ignore the tide, “let it rage” we say

Only then do we find the stability that we need within the tide

With the stability comes the connection or reconnection with the source

And out of the tumultuous tide proceeds inspiration

The tide that should have consumed us becomes our birthing place

Gloriously emerging


Like this piece, birthed from one of such “tidal” moments





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Stella Adedotun is a business developer, data analyst, SEO professional (SEOPSA), content creator, and an avid writer with great love for people, writing and brands.

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