CEO Gokada found dead in his Manhattan apartment

CEO Gokada found dead in his Manhattan apartment

Fahim Saleh was found dismembered in his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday, with an electric saw beside the remains.


Police made the discovery at 3.30PM earlier that day. Report that investigators identified the victim as 33-year-old tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh, who bought the apartment for $2.25 million last year. He was a website developer and the CEO of a company, Gokada in Lagos, Nigeria.


“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, and legs. Everything is still on the scene. We don’t have a motive,” NYPD spokesman, Sgt Carlos Nieves reported. They had gotten a call from the victim’s sister, who had not heard from her brother, only to discover his corpse in his apartment. Afterward, NYPD arrived at the crime scene.


According to, a police source reports that the perp was carrying a suitcase. And was ‘very professional’.


Certainly, this was revealed by surveillance cameras. It showed the victim in his final moments. He’d gotten into the elevator on Monday. The supposed perp, who followed closely behind him, was dressed in a suit, wearing gloves, a hat and a mask over his face. Once the victim arrived on his floor, he fell, probably because he was shot or in shock.


Saleh made his journey as an entrepreneur well known in posts on He first created a prank calling website and later created a motorcycle taxi company in his fatherland, Bangladesh. His most recent project was Gokada in Lagos.


Friends, family and neighbours mourn the death of Saleh, who they knew to be more than just a tech entrepreneur. “He was extremely smart, ambitious, very kind,” a female friend said. “Always smiling.”


Although they believe his murder was planned out, he was always at ease. “He never said he was scared,” a male friend said. “[He was] always very happy-go-lucky.” Another woman who works in his old building, called Saleh a “big-time person.”


“No way, that is so sad,” she said after hearing about his slaying. “He was a great guy, very friendly, very courteous.
Detectives had been waiting for fingerprint and forensics tests on the body, police sources said.


However, curtains were drawn on the building; a new development where apartments were sold from $2.15m last year.



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This is sad news for the Nigerian tech ecosystem because Saleh inspired the tech community in Nigeria. The Gokada business model and disrupt approach the team brought to the Nigerian transport and logistic space gave a ray of hope that an Idea can make a difference.


The Drive Hub team sends its condolence to his family and the Gokada Family.

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