Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

No matter what stage or phase you are in your creative and tech journey, never give up. Success is a journey and those you call successful are a bunch of failures who never gave up but moved on and learnt from their mistake.


There is nothing wrong with falling down but there is something wrong when you stay down. Your grinding, late nights, trainings, endless tutorials, attending to briefs, and hustle will be worth it.


In your quiet moments, you ask yourself if you are sure that you are on the right track? Did you make the right decision to get into this journey? My answer for you is this; were you convinced when you started? If the answer is yes then get your head back in the game and keep running. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Trust me the opportunity will come but the question is “Will you be prepared?”


You can get married with a creative and tech career, you can build a home with this career, you can buy cars, you can build a house, you can influence the world with this career. Please note that I am not talking about some motivation mumbo jumbo; you have those ahead of you in the industry who have done this and you can do this. You can attain any definition of what you call success in this industry the question is “How far can you see?”. The opportunity is endless, the possibility is limitless especially in Africa but I ask again. “How far can you see?”


So, stand up and take the next stride, make that next phone call, attend to that next brief, innovate and reinvent your-self when needed and be the better version of you. You can be successful, all it takes for is for you to believe in yourself because you can.

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An outstanding Brand Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Designer, Graphic Artist, Training Instructor & UI Designs. Currently the C.E.O Vine Insight and Founder of Ace Creative Academy.

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  • Olusoga Basola
    June 5, 2020

    Very thoughtful article. Never give up

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