Father’s Day Google Doodle let’s you craft from your heart!

Father’s Day Google Doodle let’s you craft from your heart!

Father’s Day; it is being celebrated across many countries today! People are letting their fathers know how much they are appreciated, in their unique dialects. Hmm… How about a different language for a change?
Some wish to go beyond just saying how much they love their fathers. They want to show it, or should I say ‘craft it’?


Hurray! Reintroducing the language of art! The Father’s Day Google Doodle allows you to create unique art cards! Seeing that this worked perfectly on Mother’s Day, Google has returned with the idea for Father’s Day!


Image Credit: Google


Children love to play with shapes, glue sticks, and colours, so they’ll surely have fun with this digital card-maker. The Doodle opens up a blank canvas and allows navigation through decorations. You can click/tap on the canvas to stick the decorations as you choose! Afterward, the card can be sent to fathers across all major social media platforms.


Certainly, we are all creative in different ways. However, it is human to seek inspiration once in a while. Thus, Google has got us covered! The Google Doodle Team shared a few of their own creations, which look great for a job done with few tools!


Image Credit: Google

Happy fathers day from the Drive Hub family. What are you waiting for, go get started right away? Tick-tock, the clock is ticking! Hurry! You only get the chance once yearly to say ‘Happy Father’s Day!’. Ready, set, craft!



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