Google App is getting dark mode feature

Google App is getting dark mode feature

Tech giants, Google, has announced that Android 10 and iOS 12/13 users of the Google app will get the dark mode feature by the end of the week.
The announcement was made via a tweet on Tuesday. After the update, the App would have the capability of automatically adopting whatever theme the users’ operating systems are set to. Also, users could manually toggle between the dark and light mode via the App’s settings.



The dark mode feature is particularly helpful to users who are sensitive to bright light or who have low vision.


Although the dark mode for the Google app has been available on Android for quite some time for many users. If you are using iOS or you just missed out on the previous rollout on Android, you should get the update on your device within the next week.


This feature which has been rolled out by other tech companies like WhatsApp and Facebook (on its official website) has clearly come to stay albeit Google’s slow adoption of the feature on all its platforms.


The feature has the promise of enhancing user experience while saving battery.


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