June 12 and our top brands – Yay, nay or more please

June 12 and our top brands – Yay, nay or more please

“June 12” –  a day we celebrate Nigeria’s transition from military rule to democratic rule. June 12 1993 was adjudged to be Nigeria’s freest and fairest election as the popular choice of the people at the time won the election. It was indeed the birth of a new era as we were supposedly free from the military rule. However, years have gone by and we’ve been left wondering whether the dividends of democracy are actually being realised or is nicely tucked away in someone’s file cabinet. We’d let time do the talking!


Well, as is the norm with public holidays in Nigeria, this year was no exception as a lot of our favorite brands took advantage of the holiday to connect with their audience by graphically depicting the celebration. Some designs left us in awe while some others either left us confused or wanting more.


Okay, let’s do a quick review of some brands

First on our list is Access Bank and what’s striking about this is they didn’t have to do much to pass the message of democracy across “Freedom, transparency, accountability” whilst still connecting it to their brand. But of course, Nigerians look forward to a day when our democratic dreams will come true!

Image Credit: Access Bank



Next on our list is First Bank. it’s common knowledge that people connect emotionally to images with pictures of children. In this picture, the images on the wall seem to be speaking to the child reminding him of his path to prosperity – the labour, equal opportunities, and fundamental human rights.


The icing on the cake is their caption “You First” subtly referring to the core of democracy which should be about “the people” first.

Image Credit: First Bank



Next up are these masterpieces by Noah’s Ark!…. the adage “less is more” rings true with this piece. Asides from using the famous faces of democracy, the subtle message on the side of each of these masterpieces is captured by the artwork and tools in the image. The image lends credence to the ability of the sculptor to effortlessly communicate with his audience whilst still keeping the essence of democracy. We can confidently say that these pictures are worth more than a thousand words!

Image credit: Noah’s Ark



As for Malta Guinness, they are spot on with their message and the depiction of Freedom but compared to what we’ve seen from other brands, this concept may be lacking in depth. What do you think?

Image Credit: Malta Guinness



Next up is Zenith Bank, the message is spot on but the graphical depiction is way too common. For a brand this popular, we would have loved to see something unique with layers of depth connecting the democratic message to their brand. So this image left us craving for more!

Image credit: Zenith Bank


Next stop is LaCasera; this image actually left us confused as the brand attempted leveraging on two trends. So which of the dreams do we follow, the full attainment of democracy or the demise of COVID-19? Do tell us what you think in the comments!

Image credit: La Casera



And next is the almighty “Kia“; the image has got a lot going on and one cannot help but wonder if this is an advert for Kia or an image to celebrate democracy day. What do you think, can you connect to this image, or are we missing something?

Image credit: Kia Motors Nigeria


Did we miss something?… tell us!

Asides from the brands that have been mentioned, do let us know in the comments if there are other brands out there that have either wowed you or left you craving for more.


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