Nigerian creates a new font type

Nigerian creates a new font type

I am always happy when I hear of Nigerians achieving great feats both at home and in the diaspora and this same feeling I had when I heard of the Nigerian made font by our very own Brother.


Ademola Badejo is a Nigerian Graphic Designer who a few days ago released his own font Demo Sans. Ademola revealed this on His Instagram page @themillionairegd where he expressed how it had been his idea to build his own font for over a year now and it is being actualized now is a great deal for him after being inspired by his mentors and heroes @thechrisdo and @mbierut.



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In his post, He stated how he looks forward to seeing how the font would be used by fellow designers to pass creative ideas which I have done down here;



The font can be downloaded for free via this link and to download you will need to use the passcode DEMOSANS to access the zip file.


Every designer will agree with me that understanding how to use typefaces is very key for your design journey which would take serious, dedicated time to master as your font choice determines how well your designs will look and it’s so delightful to see a Nigerian not just using a font but building one.


It’s so encouraging and this further shows the possibility to which we can stretch ourselves and how we can do great work without limiting ourselves in our minds due to whatever reason. With this, I Say Kudos Ademola!!!

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