SPOOFS COMIC comic launch

SPOOFS COMIC comic launch

The SPOOF COMIC – comic launch was more than a launch, it was a creative experience. The event had a Colourist Workshop and a Panelist Session. It was an awesome event where “Spoofians” – Spoof Animations Fans; had the opportunity to interact with the brains behind the Spoof Comics Universe. They also got firsthand thoughts and background stories behind each comic.


The launch debuted two comics; STRIKEGUARD and BOXSA and I must state here that the stories behind these comics are amazing (no spoiler alert).


Colorist Workshop

The colourist workshop was facilitated by Godwin Jackson; he took the attendees on how to add colour in a comic-making process. He explained various photoshop techniques used in achieving this.  

Panelist Session 

The Panelist session was facilitated by Harley Henshaw and the session was able to give a detailed background behind each character in the Spoof Universe. 


Mr. Seyi (who is a “Spoofian”) explained during the panelist session that BOXSA to him is one of the most relatable characters in the Spoof Comics Universe because he is a boxer from the streets. He is that everyday street dude (area boy) that you see on the street of Lagos, Nigeria. He also stated that BOXSA stood out for him in “Hero Corps” (a recently released short film by Spoof Animation)

Mr. Henshaw reiterated that all of the Hero’s in the Spoof Universe are relatable characters to the Nigerian, African and global audience because they are individuals who even though they are hero’s with extraordinary powers, they are also normal humans facing everyday challenges that we all face in life and we can connect with that. Beyond that, the comics are there to inspire their comic fans. Being a superhero is not a full-time job and every hero in the Spoof Comic Universe is facing various challenges that everyone can relate with. These every day challenges that these heroes face and how they deal with it will challenge and inspire you.


Spoof Comics promises amazing and entertaining action sequences, great storytelling and an awesome experience in their just-released issues. To get your copies visit https://spoofcomics.com.ng/shop-comics/


We highly recommend this. 


Guess what, Spoof Comics will be releasing more amazing comics in 2020 and you bet that we at Drive Hub are here to review them all. So go get your Spoof Comics today. 

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